Demo Patch to be released soon...


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    Demo Patch to be released soon...

    Post by PPM on Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:18 pm

    I found several bugs in the current demo, including (but not limited to), Shin and Gio are WAAAAAAY too hard. The Happa Haunt gets too dark inside. The weather event wasn't added in. D: The mayor gives you too much money. It's nearly impossible to escape from battles. The Happa Haunt in general is too clunky. The demo doesn't have a clear end.

    Things to expect in the update (sometime in February -or- early March.):
    Completed Prologue and Act 1.
    Return of the ATB.
    Darkness in the Happa Haunt is determined by how many candles you blew out.
    Actually reasonable difficulty for Shin and Gio.
    GS enemies won't appear until you're level 4.
    Escaping is possible! Very Happy
    Forets Town.
    The Demon Tree.
    Play as Gio?
    Hired people will actually have unique bios and post-battle quotes.
    MAYBE a fighting arena?
    Random discount days at the shop.
    More creative names than House and Shop.
    There may actually be a point to playing tag with the little girl.
    A taxi-like person.
    CENTRA CITY!!!!!

    Remember that not all of this will be in the next demo. I'll try to get in as much as I can, though.


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