A lot of changes and some new stuff


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    A lot of changes and some new stuff

    Post by PPM on Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:07 am

    It's been awhile since I updated.
    We are now an affiliate of Protogaming. That pretty much just means there's a link to this site on the main page of that one.

    So, here's what's going on with the game:
    I'm completely redoing maps and plot. I'm probably going to make this game short (2-3 hours is my goal), since it's my first game. I'm not experienced enough to make a long, 58-hour epic game. Don't worry. I'm completely done with items, weapons, and armors. I'm mostly done with Techs, and I'm working on the monsters as I go along. I reloaded the monsters from an old backup, so all I have to do is tweak the stats a little. There's no longer a prologue type thing where BoB is a kid.

    Most of the locations I'll still be using. I've made some new places (more like a new place). Happa Town is more foresty, and I added the Happa woods near the lower right side of the town. The town in general looks better. It has a river, a haunted house, and the place where you hire people. In the haunted house, there are these floating fires. When you touch one, the room brightens for a couple seconds, and then the light goes out again. After you use some amount of lights, you hear a scream, and you get a game over. Here's a video of haunted house gameplay. There's no sound, and I didn't crash into enough fires to die.

    There's other new places besides the haunted house and the forest. There's the mayor's house (Grandpa doesn't exist anymore), and a bar. That's in the same building as the shop and wooden weapons upgrade building.

    A lot of characters got the boot. Let's see who's new, and who's gone. First things first. You can't name BoB anymore, and his name isn't BoB, either. His new name is Vatrolt (for now). Also, Varolt's hair is no longer green. It's blue. Holly? Gone. Grandpa? Gone. Dana? Gone. Anna? Staying (You weren't expecting that, were you?). Actually, she's probably out as well. Sensei doesn't exist. Some of the new characters are Lori, Julie, Jamie, Kai, the mayor, and Barb.

    That's all, folks!


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    Re: A lot of changes and some new stuff

    Post by DarthPika on Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:25 pm

    I'll need an update on what you need music for.

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