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    .:Character Bios:.

    Post by PPM on Sat Oct 03, 2009 6:06 pm

    In no direct order:
    Bob: Main character of the game.
    Default name: Name
    Age: 15/25
    Background: Bob is a normal, average teenager from the capital city of Desertya. When he was a child, his city was bombed, and he was orphaned. He's lived in Happa Village with his grandpa ever since.

    Kiki: Bob's daughter.
    Age: 5
    Background: When Bob was 19 years old, Holly gave birth to a set of twins. Their names were Kiki and Angelina. On the night of their 1st birthday, Angelina mysteriously disappeared. Kiki is never without one of her parents or a nearby child to play with.

    Sensei: Teacher at a sword school in Centra City.
    Age: 64
    Background: A bored old man, he'll give coupons to "youngsters" so they'll get out of his way during his daily walk.

    Anna: Dana's apprentice.
    Age: Unknown D:
    Background: A young(?) girl/woman that runs into Bob in the Deserted Village. She's lived with Dana for several years, learning magic. She's better at gymnastics than magic, however.

    Dana: Centra's resident witch.
    Age: Unnaturally old. e_e
    Background: Ever since she was a young girl way back in the year 2013, she's been an excellent witch. She is the only witness of the Great Destruction still alive.

    Mark: Nephew of Diablo Town's mayor.
    Age: 13
    Background: A boy who's always dreamed of being a wizard. He is currently training to be his uncle's bodyguard.

    Shin: Nature Goddess.
    Age: Unknown
    Background: An ancient woman who has five sisters, each one a goddess of a various element.
    She meets Bob in an ancient underground temple,

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