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    Post by PPM on Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:06 am

    It's what you people have been waiting for for a couple of months, finally finished the update.


    Here's a summary of the update:
    .:Scripts used:.
    • Random Transitions-
      Randomly chooses a battle transition from a list of images.
    • Guard-
      Allows events to see you and kill you. Like in MGS. I might remove this one.
    • Bestiary-
      Allows you to see a list of the various monsters plus their stats and drops.
    • Neo Save System-
      A nifty little script that adds a screenshot to the load/save screen, and rearranges the windows.
    • Map Name Pop-Up-
      Shows the name of a map upon entry.
    • Day/Night-
      Adds day/night processing. Customized so there's 3 seconds per minute, and if you stay on one map while it's switching times of day. you can see it slowly fade to the next one.
    • Light-
      Adds a small bubble of light around certain events.
    • Skill FX-
      Allows techs to cost things other than MP.
    • Rage Management-
      When you attack an enemy, the enemy starts to hate the attacker.
    • Item Icon Pop-Up-
      Get an item, see the icon. Like on Zelda.
    • Actual Battlebacks-
      Instead of that swirly mess that RMVX uses, you can use images.
    • Wait Gauge Battle System-
      A battle system similar to that of FFIV of Chrono Trigger.
    • Equipment Upgrade System-
      Allows you to upgrade equipment for the cost of various items and also money.
    • Memorize/Restore/Erase Equipment/Items/Money-
      Great for jail scenes.
    • Ladder Climbing Done Right-
      Now you don't walk down ladders, you face away from the screen like you're supposed to.

    I have a lot to do before I do the next update. These include, but are not limited to these things:
    1. Aside from all the gold/silver enemies, Gio, and the practice fight, there is a grand total of 6 enemies.
    2. I'm still not done with the infernal place I like to call Diablo Tower.
    3. Since I deleted basically all the enemies, I have to redo all the boss fights. That's a good thing.
    4. Gaia Mountains have been overrun by rabid pieces of Blue Raspberry Jell-o.
    5. Bats are obscenely strong.
    6. I still need to add several more weapons, items and armors... But those might be able to wait.
    7. The way you get to the underworld is this: Meteor crashes, then, it literally says "[insert cool little scene here]."

    Things added from the previous update:
    1. Added a rock moving puzzle in the Techno Prison. Problem with it is that there's a major puzzle-abusing glitch that I won't tell you, and have asked DarthPika to not tell anyone.
    2. Added more powerful versions of both Bad Bats and Goos.
      Goo->Slime->Sludge Bad Bat->Nasty Bat->Vile Bat
    3. Got a new IconSet with at least 10x the number of icons that the old one had.
    4. Added a tutorial battle in the forge in Happa Village.

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